Colorado Beer Tour Giveaway

28 May

As you know, we love beer. Some of the best beer beer in the world is made by our neighbours to the south.  Long gone are the days where we Canadians made fun of American watered-down, low-alcohol beer. It started around 15 years ago, with the west coast states leading the charge with a new wave of IPAs that were more aromatic and bitter than anything beer drinkers were used to. The latest trend, which, sadly, has yet to hit most of Canada, is mouth-puckering sours and funky-tasting brettanomyces-fermented beer. Breweries like Russian River, New Belgium and Jolly Pumpkin are brands that you may see during your trips to California, Colorado or Michigan, but have yet to arrive in Toronto.

Thanks to the people at Zephyr Adventure, Draft Magazine, New Belgium Brewing, Untappd and World Class Beer, you have a chance to visit Colorado – one of the US beer hot spots! – to see the countryside and see the barleyside.

This contest was open only to US residents, but I’ve been told that Torontonians will be allowed to enter. Fear not, brethren! A beer adventure is only a click away.

The contest closes on June 1 2012, so enter today. Enter here and if you win, think of us! Good luck!


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