The Fuzz Box

4 May

My donair experience is can be describes as being hazy, at best – once as a post-bar drunken snack in Halifax and once as a post-bar drunken snack in Antwerp. When The Fuzz Box opened up a few weeks ago, I finally had my opportunity to taste a donair while sober! Strike that off my bucket list!

Either there are a lot of ex-pats from the east coast or Toronto’s been lacking good donairs, because The Fuzz Box is selling out of its donairs nightly.  The best way to avoid disappointment? Head there for lunch, like I did. There were tables available and the wait was short. The owner, Neil Dominey, greeted me when I entered and his politeness confirmed that, yes, this is a real east coast restaurant. I ordered the Nova Scotian donair (small $4.99/regular $5.99/super 1/4 lb donair $8.99) and seriously contemplated ordering the fried pepperoni ($4.99).

Fried pepperoni at The Fuzz Box in Toronto

Neil brought me the pepperoni to sample while I waited for my donair.  I was too hungry to grab my camera, so I took a picture of the fried pepperoni with my phone. Sorry. 😦

Fried pepperoni is a Lipitor-sponsored hot crack for the soul. As its name implies, you are eating bites of pepperoni that are fried to a medium crisp that you can then dunk into home-made honey mustard sauce. Need I say more? For the record: they disappeared within a minute.

When the donair arrived, I graciously thanked the chef and sped back home (I was starving and the fried pepperoni only made me hungrier).  To keep my donair experiences consistent, I poured myself a beer.

Nova Scotian Donair from The Fuzz Box in Toronto

The soft pita was filled with ample slices of seasoned beef and some sliced onions and tomatoes.  Drizzled on top of the meat is the famous east coast donair sauce, which is made from garlic and condensed milk.  Its a great balance to the zesty, spicy meat, Think of this as being shawarma’s spicy, beefy cousin.  Sweet and sticky and spicy and lovely, the donair wasn’t long for this world. My only regret? Not ordering the super sized donair.

Photos and text by Richard

The Fuzz Box
1246 Danforth Ave (near Greenwood subway station)
Toronto, Ontario


3 Responses to “The Fuzz Box”

  1. Stella (@foodieyu) May 4, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    That looks WAY better than the donair I had at Hopgood’s Foodliner. Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Dan T. May 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Valiant effort … but not a Halifax donair.

    Try Halifax Donairs in either Milton or Burlington.

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