1 Nov

Acadia restaurant

When we first arrived at Acadia on a cold night on October I was charmed by its warm atmosphere and the open kitchen which allows you to watch as your food is prepared and meticulously plated. The bar spotlighted a skilled bartender mixing up craft cocktails involving foreign-looking contraptions and even more foreign-sounding ingredients. We needed a lot of guidance from our waiter in order to decide which cocktail to order, but he was more than happy to oblige. Our friend Stella (Food Junkie Chronicles) ordered a drink that came in this adorable Tiki glass:

Stella drinking her cocktail from Acadia in a tiki glass

Between 3 of us we ordered more than half the menu so that we could get a good taste of everything. One of my favourite dishes was actually a side dish: The farro “succotash” with wild mushrooms and truffle oil. I would love to see them take this dish and expand on it to turn it into a main dish. Everything that we tried was creative, flavourful and exceptionally beautiful.

I feel that the best dishes in terms of both creativity and portion size were the fish and seafood, while the non-fish options that Richard ordered were less interesting and served in smaller portions. I felt relatively satisfied after the meal, but Richard left feeling hungry. I’m not the kind of person who lists “huge portion sizes” as an asset in a restaurant, and I don’t expect a dinner like the one that we had at Acadia to cost $20/person because I know that they use quality ingredients and the food is very special. But when it costs $75/person (without wine) and you leave feeling hungry, it’s hard to imagine going back again soon… regardless of how amazing the food is (and it is amazing).

Halibut at Acadia Restaurant

Cornish Hen at Acadia Restaurant

Farro "succotash" with wild mushrooms and truffle oil at Acadia Restaurant

Chef Matt Blondin working in the open kitchen at Acadia

Acadia Restaurant
50C Clinton St. Toronto, ON

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One Response to “Acadia”

  1. Tonya - What's On My Plate November 7, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    I’ve seen a few people complain about portion sizes so i was surprised that I was pretty stuffed at the end of my meal. In particular I thought the snapper main was pretty generous. Also, I had some of that delicious cornbread so that definitely put a dent in my hunger 🙂

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