Goody’s Diner, Revisited.

21 Sep

We went back to Goody’s yesterday with our friend Joel (of Community Foodist) to try some more burgers from their “wall of fame”. To see a menu and some pictures from our first visit, check out this post.

Joel got the Highwayman burger, which you can see a description of in the post linked above. Richard and I decided to try something new:

The Macho Nacho burger at Goody's Diner in Toronto/Scarborough

My burger this time around was the Macho Nacho. It had cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, black olives, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. It was like eating a plate of nachos between two buns! I loved the crunchiness of the tortilla chips. I think that I enjoyed this one more than the last burger that I tried here! I had the sweet potato fries this time and I really liked them. They’re made in-house and come with a spicy chipotle mayo. Of course, after packing away that burger there wasn’t a lot of room left for the fries.

The Figgy Piggy burger at Goody's Diner in Toronto/Scarborough

Richard tried the daily special: The Figgy Piggy. It had cheese, pulled pork with a fig and apple sauce, onions and more cheese. I tried it and although the pork and fig sauce was wonderful, it was a bit sweeter than I tend to like my burger condiments to be. Richard loved it. We asked about the sauce afterwards and were impressed when they told us that it was made in-house by roasting fresh whole figs. Even though this is a special, the guys at Goody’s said that if you ask for it when it’s not on the menu they usually have the ingredients to make it for you anyway.

Huge burger at Goody's Diner in Toronto/Scarborough

These are huge burgers. How do you fit one of these in your mouth? Well, let me show you:

Huge burger at Goody's Diner in Toronto/Scarborough

The next time that we go, I’m going to try the Couch Potato: A burger that has potato chips and blue cheese on it, among other things. Based on Richard’s positive experience with the Figgy Piggy, I’d guess that he’s going to put his stock in the burger specials more often.

PS: When you go to Goody’s, check out the bulletin board to the left of the kitchen. You may see a familiar face!

Goody’s Diner
17-33 Manville Rd, Toronto ON M1L 4J7

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One Response to “Goody’s Diner, Revisited.”

  1. Gary June 1, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Now open Saturdays! Yay!

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