Apache Burgers

12 Apr

Last night I met up with John Jones for dinner before we headed out to shoot “A Most Happy Fella”, the current Theatre Sheridan musical.  We decided to meet at Kipling Station for convenience, and since we had no idea where the good food was around there, we were actually going to meet at Wendy’s of all places! But then I remembered that strange looking burger shack in the Six Points plaza: Apache Burgers.

Apache Burgers always seems to come up in discussions about the best burgers in Toronto. People always say,  “I’ve heard that Apache Burgers is supposed to be good.” But I don’t know anyone who’s actually been there. It’s pretty out of the way… Unless you happen to be meeting a colleague at Kipling Station for dinner, that is.

The Banquet Burger

By the way, that photo was taken with my phone. Not bad, eh? Way to go, Android. 🙂

This is the banquet burger, which has bacon and cheese on it. As you can see, the bun is huge. The burger itself is completely overwhelmed by bun. I’m a firm believer in the fact that the patty of a burger should always be poking out of the sides of the bun. The toppings were run-of-the-mill, and they had barbecue sauce in a huge tub and they spread it on with a spoon.

The taste was nothing special. I felt like I was eating 90% bun, but the bites of patty that I did get were pretty bland and uninteresting. It looks like it’s 100% beef without any filler, which was fine. It was griddled rather than grilled. It needed salt, and I would have been grateful for some more interesting toppings.

It might have been one of Toronto’s greatest burger joints when it opened, but I’ve been spoiled by the Animal Style burger at The Stockyards. I swear, eating that burger is like eating happiness. It was definitely better than eating at Wendy’s, but I would not make a special trip out there to have another one. Especially not with great burger options like Stockyards and Burgers Priest so much closer to home!

Apache Burgers
5236 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 233-3046

Apache Burger on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “Apache Burgers”

  1. Anthony August 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    I ate once at Apache Burger, too, and have never been compelled to return. I think people just want it to fit into the image of the mythic suburban American burger joint with amazing burgers, but beyond its neon lights, it just isn’t. But it’s blandness doesn’t surprise me. It’s in Etobicoke after all.

  2. bob j May 18, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    well what can I say…been going to Apache since a small child…used to be great before the reno….went last night with a couple of friends since we haven’t been in ages….absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!! …first off as everyone states,service was terrible …black kid behind the counter has nothing but attitude,I’m a big boy and I felt like putting him straight the cocky lil fukker….our rings where cold and soggy as hell ,you can tell they didn’t even drain them,my buddy sent them back and the black dude looks at him like “hat you talking about???…anyway we had 3 orders of rings ,they returned 2 orders well done as per our request,we where so appalled we didn’t even bother fighting for our 3rd order back…all I can say is I will never go back …evvvver!!! I will not pay for the $150k owners 2 Mercedes out front…this place is sooo bad now….its to bad Magoos over at royal York /dundas isn’t open late…they have the best burger in the area….next time we go for late night food ,I’ll drive the extra 10mins and hit Zets or The Grill on Queensway…I wish people would boycott Apache …the people that give Apache the thumbs up obviously have no taste in good food!!! cya ya Apache! never again!!!


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